Hi! Thank you for your interest in NOTES -- a special place; a comfortable, inviting "home" where you'll find diverse live music & entertainment, art (by local artists), a wide array of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, and a friendly staff. Think of NOTES as a live music venue and mini-cultural center - that serves drinks, snacks & desserts. Where your server just may get up and sing a song!

We feature a cozy indoor bar, listening room (the music room) with stage, and a lovely parlor/coffee nook. Out front is our courtyard GARDEN where you can sit and sip under the sun or under the stars. Notes has a coffee lounge vibe, it's a hub for musicians (who stop in and sit in regularly) -- it does not have a "bar" environment. See Photos of NOTES here.

At the bottom of this page you'll see Notes about NOTES - things we'd like you to know about our unique and exceptional venue. :)


The original owner, Priscilla Speicher, created NOTES and operated it from March 2017 to October of 2020, when new owner Carey Holmes came on board.  Both were and are passionate about people, animals, art, and live music. NOTES is one of the few bars in Stuart that RECYCLES. We do NOT use plastic cups for beverages, and recycle our glass, plastic and cardboard, at an extra utilities cost to the business.


You can expect an array of unique special events, silly happenings, wonderful experiences, and surprises at NOTES.

Thank you for reading this info, for visiting this site, and for being a supporter of Priscilla's dream -- a cozy, wonderful wine bar where great music can be heard all the time! And where strangers become instant friends. (this literally happens almost every evening at NOTES :) This truly is a SOCIAL HOUSE, and a happy oasis from stress and noise. :)

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To summarize -- this is the coziest, cutest, coolest place for Live Music in Martin County! We may be small, but we have a big heart! We love supporting and helping other small businesses, and non-profits.


--We recycle, and use no plastic in our service.

--Kids are welcome for events and music performances, up until 9 PM

--NOTES sells wine by the Half Glass -- for those times when that's all you want

--NOTES does not have "house" wines -- all of our wines are premium wines, but we do price them lower than the going retail, lower than you'd find at our competitors. Wines run $7 to $10 per glass and we often run specials. 

--NOTES keeps our cover charge to a minimum for top-notch entertainers -- just $2.75 per person entertainment fee during performances, and our performers deeply appreciate your tips.

--NOTES has local art on the walls, always for sale, changing every 8 weeks, and a Pop Up Art Market the 3rd Fri of each month.

--NOTES is available for your private functions - just inquire.

--NOTES has its own parking lot, and if it is full, you can park on Kindred Street or Seacoast Bank across Colorado. 

--NOTES treats musicians with love and respect.

--NOTES doesn't have a kitchen but does sell packaged cheeses, pepperoni, olives, nuts, hummus, desserts, and other snacks.  

--NOTES is a safe place for anyone needing a hug, some help, or acceptance. We welcome nice people of all beliefs, backgrounds, lifestyles, religions. 

--Priscilla is available as an event and wedding planner and loves hosting small weddings/ receptions and parties at Notes for very affordable pricing. Email NotesMusicRoom@gmail.com


Tues. Thru Sat. 5:30 til 11:00 or Later

(if you're there, we'll stay)

Live Music starts 7:15/7:30 and ends at 10:15/10:30


Open 1:30 to 5:45

Live Music 2:30 to 5:30 

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NOTES ADDRESS - 872 S Colorado Ave. (Near US1 Across from Seacoast Bank)

Downtown Stuart Florida -America's Happiest Seaside Town

CALL NOTES: 772 320 9039   Email: notesmusicroom@gmail.com

NOTES is available for private events, please inquire.