A Note from Priscilla, creator and owner of NOTES --

I couldn't imagine running a business without loving it. And I envision a place where, when customers come, they FEEL the love while they are there. I hope that they feel my love of people, of music, of life. And that they share those things -- if not always, then at least, while they are at NOTES. I also hope they feel/sense the love that went into creating this special place.

Anger, unrest, discontent, intolerance, stress, irritability -- these things are all around us. We can easily find these things, on any given day. When you walk into NOTES, these things are to be left behind. This is a HAPPY PLACE -- for myself as owner, for my staff, my performers, and for my beloved, valued customers. If you come in after a bad day, or in a bad mood, I kindly ask that you allow us to help you shake it off. Ask for a hug. Focus on the music, the delicious beverages, and the friendly, nice company around you. Because that is exactly the type of clientele that NOTES will naturally attract. 

I love to help those in need, and will have a bulletin board in NOTES. This board will share upcoming events, and the names of local artists and businesses that we support and recommend. I encourage you to view our bulletin board regularly, as it will also share bits of wisdom about making the world a better place -- small things that each and every one of us can do.

I also have a deep love for animals and especially mistreated animals who suffer abuse and neglect. I ache for the unwanted shelter pets. The fact that MILLIONS of dogs and cats are killed in inhumane ways every year in the US breaks my heart, and the number never goes down. The fact that it happens around the globe to all types of animals by the millions each year is unimaginable and should be unbearable to more of us. I am here to help anyone who is interested in adopting a pet, by contributing to your adoption fee and offering training advice (I've raised, rescued and trained many dogs). I'm also here to help those who have a pet they can't handle, and are considering getting rid of it. It's my goal to keep pets out of shelters. So please, talk to me about this subject anytime. I'm very knowledgeable about atrocities against animals here in the U.S. and overseas. Don't worry, I will only talk about these things if asked. But it makes me feel good to educate others who care about the suffering of animals.

Lastly, it is my pledge to you that you will be treated in a kind, caring way when you come to NOTES. If ever a staff member does not do so, I want to know about it. You can always email me at and phone me at 772 320 9039 

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for sharing this website and letting others know about my music and wine bar. My advertising budget is small...but my heart is big!  I am beyond thrilled and happy to be able to give people a wonderful experience when they visit my place. 




LOVE JAZZ AND CLASSICAL MUSIC?  Help Us Keep The Music Playing. A $1.50 per person entertainment fee added during live music performances. (Min. spend of $10 per person during shows, otherwise a $5 entertainment fee is charged instead of $1.50, thank you for understanding.) We also encourage tipping our fabulous musicians. Those who wish to support the Arts and our efforts to hire quality musicians every night can have their name or the name of a loved one placed on a Golden Record on the Music Wall at NOTES - ask for details, and thank you SO much!

NOTES ADDRESS - 872 S Colorado Ave. (Near US1 Across from Seacoast Bank)

Downtown Stuart Florida -America's Happiest Seaside Town

CALL NOTES: 772 320 9039   Email:

NOTES is available for private events, please inquire.